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Anonymous said: You have perfect music taste, like literally just marry me

You think so?! Thank you anon :-) 💌 I bet you have great music taste as well!

- ? Aug 30th 2014

So I’m just going to come to the conclusion that he basically doesn’t like like me, which sucks because I really liked him and he was basically perfect in ever way except for the hurting my feelings part..I’m not even sure why he doesn’t like like me..we have the same taste activities, hobbies, music, tv, movies and the same sense of humor and apart of me wants to say it’s probably my looks because before we met face to face he was soooo into me and I loved it :/ even though when we were together face to face he definitely had no problem showing that my looks were NOT the problem.. Not to sure what the deal is..I was even feeling more confident lately about my appearance too but that’s basically down the drain. Now I’m left feeling stupid and sad. Mostly because I’m left here being upset, wondering if a guy I’ve only known for two weeks, likes me.

- ? Aug 30th 2014


It ain’t true love until you kiss after oral

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- ? Aug 30th 2014


Romance isn’t stringing along a handful of girls at the same time. Romance isn’t being with one girl while telling another you wish you were with her. That’s selfishness, carelessness and cruelty. And it makes you full of shit.

- ? Aug 30th 2014
- ? Aug 30th 2014
Want 😞
No, fuck you. I was worth it. (via coconutcaves)

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- ? Aug 30th 2014

Bas Jan Ader - Primary Time (1974) 

hopnotch said: he must be crazy or had one serious hell of an emergency

Ugh, thank you so much, seriously made me feel better about tonight…I don’t know what to think 😞

- ? Aug 30th 2014

Being canceled on, especially by a boy you really dig, really really bites 💔

- ? Aug 29th 2014
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- ? Aug 29th 2014
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