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- ? Oct 2nd 2014
I think we could have been lovers, you know, real lovers, the kind that make coffee for each other and read the same books. Palimpsest, Catherynne M. Valente (via check-your-pockets-chimney-child)

(via say-anything-is-a-real-girl)

- ? Oct 2nd 2014
This website knows exactly what I want.

- ? Oct 1st 2014


i’m going to miss you this winter

i’m going to miss you this winter

when the world becomes cold
and the air penetrates thin walls
as easily as it penetrates thin skin

i’m going to miss you this winter
when my feet become frigid
and they search for your presence
under blankets we used to…

- ? Sep 29th 2014

ok but where do I cop